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Qroople (Pty) Ltd | 17 November 2020

Qroople Affiliates Earn Big!

Promote the world’s easiest to use and most rewarding online or offline affiliate marketing product now available in your country:

This is a 12 min read below to earn up to 400,000 (in your currency) or a lot more per month, as a Qroople Affiliate. Start immediately. Nothing to join and free!

What is a Qroople?

Qroople is the world’s most valuable real estate cash back coupon taking the online and offline real estate industry by storm. Buyers love real estate cash back Qrooples. They find Qrooples online or offline and attach them to real estate contracts to get cash back when buying real estate or property in any city or town anywhere in the world.

Qrooples are very uncomplicated, effortless and easy to use. Real estate or property buyers, sellers and estate agents in 197 countries, print Qrooples and use them online or offline.

Find the frequently asked questions of the actual Qroople Platform that you are going to promote here 

How Qroople works for real estate buyers:

Real estate buyers follow the instructions on the Qrooples they downloaded and printed, or obtained from you. They attach the Qrooples to their real estate contracts, whereafter actual real estate sales transactions take place.

Qroople is free for buyers as well and you may promote as many Qrooples as you like. The instructions on the Qrooples are for real estate buyers to follow. Buyers either use the Qroople or they don’t. But when they do use Qrooples we know about this and we pay you. 

Qroople is free for buyers. See the Qroople cash back values in your country here 

Who can promote Qrooples?

Anyone can promote Qrooples online or offline and become a Qroople Affiliate, providing;

  • You are 14 years old or older.

  • You or your parents have a bank account.

  • You have an email address.

How the main Qroople platform works:

By simply following easy instructions users post or download Qrooples on our main Qroople platform. Qroople users follow the instructions on the Qrooples they print there and use them in actual real estate transactions, anywhere in the world.

See many live Qrooples posted here on our Qroople platform. You welcome to promote any Qrooples there if you want, or you can search for Qrooples in your own city or town. See below.

Real business:

With Qroople Affiliates you are dealing with real people and real procedures and real emails. No auto responders or cold and difficult computer software. Real people. Real business. Real results.

Very easy, very rewarding:

With Qroople Affiliates there is nothing to join. Nothing to register for. Not a million help files, training videos, training emails or any other complicated apps or software to download. Nothing. Just a business relationship we treasure with you and a few emails between us, where you market real estate cash back Qrooples for us and we pay you very good money for marketing real estate cash back Qrooples online, offline, or both.

Qroople Affiliates is a good way to make a successful online or offline income with one of the easiest affiliate marketing opportunities now available to you. Read all the text below, follow all the instructions here and you can start immediately, right now.

What is Qroople affiliate marketing?

Qroople affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing by you, where our company Qroople (Pty) Ltd rewards you, for each Qroople transaction you bring to the Qroople platform by your very own marketing ideas and efforts.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting our company's Qrooples. Simply find one or as many Qrooples you like, promote it to others online or offline and earn 50% of the Qroople fee of each Qroople used every time it is used by real estate buyers in your very own city or town or anywhere in the world.

Refer your family and friends to Qroople. Send Qroople as a gift to anyone. Promote Qroople online or offline. Real estate or property buyers, sellers, agents, professionals or anyone with an interest in real estate or property enjoy making sales or getting cash back when they buy or sell real estate or property. Print your Qrooples and let them work for you. The harder you work, the more money you make, with your Qrooples. It is that simple.

Offline Affiliates:

Qroople is a popular and brilliant concept that allows you to promote us offline as well, without having a website or even social media. All you need is an email address and a bank account.

How to make affiliate sales without the internet? Download and print Qrooples. As many as you want. Hand them out to friends and family. Give them to someone to give to someone to give to someone. You get the picture. 

Many companies prohibit you from creating printed marketing materials of your own and are expecting you to just do the traditional affiliate method of sharing their links on your blog or website.

Not Qroople! Go Crazy! Print 1 million Qrooples and hand them out on the street corner if you want. Or if you a pilot, drop a few Qrooples over New York City and see what happens. (Just joking about the aircraft drop!). The world is your oyster. Just enjoy what you do and be a responsible affiliate marketer at all times. 

Please respect our brand when you promote or market Qrooples. Look after us and we look after you. Nothing more, nothing less.

Online Affiliates:

Market the actual Qrooples you downloaded online on the internet via landing pages or websites or email. Remember Qrooples are Pdf files that need to be downloaded, printed and attached to real estate contracts by your traffic. 

Promote it online by uploading that same pdf file (the Qroople) to your landing page or to your website so that your visitors can download and print that same Qroople, with that same invoice number it generated when you downloaded it from the Qroople platform. We use that unique invoice number and the unique QR code on the Qroople to track that specific Qroople worldwide.

No registration. You can start now:

Many top affiliate companies require you to get approval to advertise for them and tell them what marketing methods you plan to use, and what website (s) you have. Then you must learn and study the program. If you are lucky, you might understand it after 14 days, perhaps not.

This is not at all required when you become a Qroople Affiliate. All we ask from you is to portray professionalism, integrity and dedication to us and you will be treated in the same way by us. You perform. We pay. That’s the only fine print we have.

Promote Qroople for free:

We do not charge you for anything at all and you will make more money with Qroople Affiliates if you do it right than with any other fancy or complicated online affiliate marketing program currently available out there.

Fee structure of Qroople:

You get 50% of our fee. See here. Ignore the payouts to the real estate buyers there. It is not for you. Unless you are a real estate buyer. That is the basic Qroople concept, so that you as a Qroople Affiliate can see how the revenue model or income streams of our main Qroople platform works.

Payments to you can be anything from 25 to 400,000 per Qroople posted in the currency of the Qroople you promoted. Remember the same Qroople can be used over and over again and a Qroople never expires.

How to promote Qrooples?

Go to and click on find a Qroople in your own city or town (or in any city or town) and pretend that you are a real estate buyer

Click on the (minus -) or (plus +) sign to set the real estate purchase value of the Qroople you want to promote

In the next box (where it says - where are you planning to purchase real estate?) type in the city or town AND the country where you want to promote your specific Qroople

(Select the correct suggestion in the dropdown menu)

Click on find a Qroople

In the next screen that opens click and download your Qroople

Your Qroople (Pdf) is now downloaded

Write down the invoice numbers (in top right-hand corner) of the Qrooples you are going to promote and store it in a safe place.

Confirmation and activation:

To confirm the process with us and to activate our business agreement, simply email us all your chosen (downloaded) Qrooples that you are going to promote to all as email attachments. 

Please include only your full name and surname, your city or town, and your nominated bank account details, in this particular email to receive your payments when payments are due. 

When those Qrooples are used by real estate buyers anywhere in the world, we pay you within 24 hours of receiving our Qroople fee.

Payments to you:

We pay you directly from our company’s bank account to your bank account only. No other method.

When your Qrooples are used in real estate transactions we will see this immediately and will email you to confirm your details, email address, bank details and the invoice number (s) of your Qroople (s) that you promoted.

You get exactly 50% of each and every Qroople transaction (The Qroople Fee) concluded by end users online or offline of the Qrooples you promoted for Qroople. You can promote the same Qrooples over and over again, because Qrooples never expire. 

Once checked and verified, Qroople (Pty) Ltd makes a payment to you within 24 hours of us receiving our Qroople Fee.

More about payments to you:

Qroople pays you 50% of our fee received every time a Qroople you promoted is used in our system by real estate buyers. This can be anything from 25 to 400,000 per Qroople posted in the currency of the Qroople that you promoted. Yes, it is huge, one of the most valuable and most rewarding affiliate marketing opportunities now available with some of the biggest payouts in the world. No matter how you look at it. This is big business.

When we make payments to you, the bank payment reference numbers for our payment reference to you will be the unique Qroople invoice numbers that were generated when you downloaded and promoted the Qrooples for our company.


Contact us anytime for any affiliate support on and real people will answer you. Not template driven auto responders. Please remember that we are very busy but that we answer every email.

If you need any marketing text:

For your online landing pages you may copy any text at that you think can help you in promoting Qroople in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Just keep things legal, professional and simple, please. Or use your own strategies for online marketing. Your choice.

Last but not least:

Remember that we reserve all our rights and that we expect you to follow all the laws, rules and regulations in your specific country or the countries that you market Qrooples in, and by becoming a Qroople Affiliate and marketing or promoting Qrooples anywhere in the world you also agree to the Qroople Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy 


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