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Why use Qroople as your personal lead generator?

Qroople offers you a very valuable personal digital and printable marketing tool. Your online real estate cash back coupon is very easy to use, free to list, and your very own printable real estate flyer. Your Qroople is also a buyer’s magnet, a seller’s magnet, a lead generator for realtors, an advertising tool, a self-branding tool, and a free listing, all in one.

How to get leads in real estate online

How do you get online homebuyer leads?

Simply start by posting a few online coupons on Qroople, and Qroople will start marketing them for you within 24 hours. Everywhere! Potential homebuyers and clients will find them online, contact you, print them, and bring them to you.

How to get clients for real estate near me

How do I get offline homebuyer leads?

Print your online coupons as flyers or brochures and put them in mailboxes, or use them as special gifts at your show or open houses. You will become more visible in your farming areas or business areas for homebuyers and clients.

How to generate leads in real estate and why offer cashback to homebuyers

Why offer cash back to homebuyers?

In a very tight real estate market in your area, city, or town, having more options to choose from and offering cash back at closing can be the deciding factor for buyers. Homebuyers and clients love cashback coupons. Learn more

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