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Qroople | 29 December 2021

Why use Qroople?

The online real estate challenge we trust we have managed to overcome was to uniquely develop and design a very user-friendly real estate cash back coupon platform in the PropTech sector that is legal and that works really well for property buyers, sellers, realtors, brokers, agents, mortgage brokers, lenders, property developers, and builders. 

Qroople is the world's most valuable real estate coupon and is now available in every country that sells real estate.

We are busy marketing Qroople to 197 countries. It's a concept based on absolute simplicity, and it took us eight years to fine tune Qroople for the online markets. Investors out there? It's now the time to get on board. It's going to be fun, and you are welcome to contact us to discuss an exclusive partnership with Qroople and getting a market share in your own country's or any other country's property market with a strategic equity investment in Qroople (Pty) Ltd.

Qroople is online now. Yes, we need funding to market Qroople to the world. There will be various revenue streams generated by each Qroople posted in every city or town in the world, including additional revenue from advertising and various other income streams.

Qrooples get printed and attached to offers to purchase, real estate contracts, quotations, invoices, or contracts. Nothing to join. Nothing to register for. 

With a Qroople, holders get cash back when they transact. Real estate or property sellers, realtors, brokers, agents, mortgage brokers, lenders, property developers, and builders get free listings, leads, and sales. The general public gets better deals when they transact in the real estate, mortgage, lending, or building industries across the globe. 

Soon Qroople will take the real estate industry by storm. We are working very hard to achieve that goal. In the interim, please enjoy the Qroople magic, now also available in your country. 

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